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We are leading manufacturer, supplier and impoter of Wet Mop Refill - Natural Cotton / White Cotton / Color yarn / Non Woven / Microfiber, Wet Mop Round Refill, Wet Mop Set, twist mop, Wet Mop Clip.

Wet Mop Refill - Natural Cotton

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• Natural cotton Kentucky wet mop refill with loop end / Cut end.

• Available in 2" Tape.

• Weight 300gm, 350gm, and 400gm.

• Light in Weight.

• Easy to Wash.

• Perfect stitching.

• Customized size also available.

Wet Mop Refill - White Cotton

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• White cotton Kentucky wet mop refill with Loop end / Cut end

• Available in 2" Tape.

• Weight 300gm, 350gm and 400gm.

• Light in weight

• Easy to wash

• Perfect stitching

• Customized Size also available.

Wet Mop Refill - Color Yarn

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• Wet mop refill with Colour Yarn loop end.

• Can be easily bifurcated as per colour code.

• Available in Red / Blue / Green & Yellow Colour in 2"Tape.

• Weight 300gms, 350gms & 400gms.

• It is Light in weight & Easy to wash.

• It is perfect stitching & also Customized weight Available.

Wet Mop Refill - Microfiber

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• Microfiber wet mop refill is made of premium antimicrobial yarns which provide the best balance for pick up, retention and bacterial resistance.

• These mops are produced with yarn spinning that allows laundering without netting.

• These mops contain more Polyester & Polyamide fiber and will provide additional efficiencies, durability & its long lasting.

Wet Mop Refill - Non Woven

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• Mop head is made from needle-punched nonwoven material that outlasts and outperforms is standard.

• Needs no break-in period Lightweight mop head is non linting.

• Mildew-resistant.

• Fast Drying.

• Easy to rinse out.

• Can be better used in high risk area like Hospital, Pharma Company etc.

Wet Mop Round Refill

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• Premium textile blends yarn. Round shape and straight tail banding for greater floor coverage.

• Looped ends prevent tangling and linting.

• Available in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue & White.

Wet Mop Set

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• Wet mop set are accessible with various colors and weight.

• These mops have plastic mop holder, microfiber or cotton color coded mop refill and aluminum handle with grip.

• This Wet Mop Set is used to clean the floors of various commercial and residential establishments.

Twist Mop

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• The mop offered by us is effectively used for cleaning hardwood, wood laminate, tile, linoleum, marble, Formica, stone, painted surfaces, etc.

• The Twist mops are very durable and efficient to use as these are made using quality light-weight materials.

• High quality, super absorbent cotton yarn with easy twist ringing action. Your hands will stay dry when you use the easy twist ringing action.

Wet Mop Clips

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• Wet mop clips are used for Cotton & microfiber wet mop refill.

• Wet mop Clips are used for aluminium / metal pipes with different colour codes.

• Virgin Material is used. Unbreakable & durable.

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